Media & Testimonials

In 2008 our Basic Yet Brutal Women’s Self-Defense was featured on the 11 o’clock news on KNBC 4.

In March 2009 the class was also featured on the local news at Torrance Citi-Cable.


“Very informative and fun class”
C.T. (Torrance)

“One of the best classes I’ve ever taken.”
I.H. (Torrance)

“I feel that if I was ever in a bad situation, I could use the tools I was taught in this class. Excellent course!
L.F. (Torrance)

“This course is exactly what I was looking for! Practical and easy-to-learn self-defense moves. Every woman should take this class.

“My mom and I took this course together–it gave us both peace of mind as I left for college.

“The teachers are sincere and extremely skilled.”

“They did a great job equipping us–using our own body.”

“Now I have great confidence.”