What if I’ve never taken any self-defense in my life?
That makes you the ideal candidate for our 6-hour crash course, which teaches all the Basic yet Brutal concepts and scenarios. The best part is that there are not a lot of details to memorize!

What if I’ve already taken your Basic Yet Brutal course? Can I take it again?
Absolutely! Retaking the course the perfect way to refresh your knowledge, refine your skills, and increase your sense of empowerment!

Will I be learning martial arts? Will I have to wear the traditional uniform?
Yes and no. While our philosophies and techniques have been derived from our martial arts knowledge, the Basic Yet Brutal concepts and curricula have been specifically constructed for the everyday woman, to protect herself in street-level situations.

The hands-on crash course can be done in normal workout clothes, including comfortable athletic shoes.

What else do I need to know?
Both courses are taught by instructors Jennifer Thomas and Bill Hayes, a team with combined experience of over 35 years. We provide personal attention to each student and are always happy to address any questions or self-defense scenarios.

How do I sign up?
It’s easy!
Fill out the form on the right to sign up for one of our upcoming course dates!

Have questions or want to book a private or corporate seminar?
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