Corporate Seminars

Employees are often exposed to “stranger-danger” due to either the nature of the154-5449_IMGir occupation—i.e.: real estate agents, security guards, delivery personnel, etc.—or because they work in unsafe areas and/or late at night.

For companies interested in providing additional safety measures for their employees, we offer corporate seminars with the following options:

  1. One-to-two-hour presentation
    • A complete discussion of all basic concepts and a demonstration of self-defense maneuvers.
  2. Full six-hour course (in a single session or three 2-hour sessions)
    • Includes the Basic yet Brutal comprehensive curriculum, inclusive of hands-on practice for all attendees.
Class Requirements: Women and/or men of all sizes, ages and abilities. No experience required.154-5437_IMG
Class Duration:
– Demonstration: 1-2 hours, depending upon needs
– Full course: 6 hours (includes hands-on practice)
– Demonstration: Varies based on length, travel time, and hand-out requirements.
– Full course: $95 per attendee, minimum 5 people. Discounts available for groups of 10 or more.
Location: Corporate seminars can be held at a location and time convenient for the group.

Contact Us to schedule a corporate seminar.